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Carmen Santos Perez
Carmen Santos Perez
Computing & IT and Statistics Student, The Open University
Carmen‘s professional bio / interests
While currently employed part-time as a nanny, I dedicate the other "part" of my time to completing my degree in computing and statistics. I opted for this career change when the pandemic took place, a few years ago. I am excited about new opportunities my new set of skills will bring me.
I’d like help with…
I would like help in getting experience! While stimulating, working and study a degree at the same time during for four years, can be very tiring! I used my summers off uni to do some courses and investigate more about different fields to work in, however, summers can be very busy in the childcare sector/ nanny, and could never find an opportunity to be involved in real life projects, without compromising my paid job. That is when I found about IEUK, and any help and network I can get, I will be deeply thankful. And if by networking I can help other people, too, this is an absolute win-win.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I always moved around homes and countries a lot, which helped me develop quite an extroverted personality. However, as now I settle (truly what I mean is that I have lived in my current house for long enough to have bought 2 sofas), I find myself developing my introvert side: I have acquired a taste for sports, specially aerial hoop and bouldering. I still enjoy socializing, especially on days that after having had anyone else besides a toddler to talk to, and online studies (The Open Uni), all want is to talk to another adult.
I live in
A career highlight
Currently, I find myself navigating between two worlds. A significant highlight for me was the decision to change careers and pursue higher education. Despite this shift, I never compromised my commitment to being an excellent childcare worker. I kept learning and improving - not due to any doubts about my decision, but because I didn't want to look back with regrets about not having given my all (or 90%, as I could be exhausted at times). While studying, I received a promotion at my previous nursery. Even with this advancement, I remained committed to completing my new degree. This determination helped me gracefully transition from one career to another, in a smooth and successful shift that I view positively.
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28 April, 2024