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Victor Lanten
Victor Lanten
CFO, Compass Planning Group LLC
Victor‘s professional bio / interests
 Home Services Free Consultation Contact Us ABOUT OUR FOUNDER  Victor A. Lanten  Victor Lanten is a highly skilled and people-oriented executive with a diverse background in finance, operations, IT implementations, and sales management across multiple industries. In 2014, he migrated to the United States of America to escape political and economic turmoil in his native country, Venezuela, and had to start from scratch after being a successful executive there. To make ends meet, he drove for a ride-sharing company, worked in a restaurant during night shifts, and served as a golf caddy at a prestigious golf club in Miami. He also became a financial advisor for a well-recognized firm in the US. The pandemic hit in March 2020, and Victor had to return to the corporate world. He started as a controller for LATAM in a startup mobile phone manufacturer, where he quickly rose to become the CFO for LATAM. Victor's passion for helping people flourish as a financial advisor sparked his desire to become an entrepreneur. With his wife, he founded Compass Planning Group to assist small and medium-sized companies in achieving success. 
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07 May, 2024