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Rupert Lane
Rupert Lane
Founder, Probotec Ltd
Rupert‘s professional bio / interests
Having worked in commercial roles across some of the world’s most reputable media & creative brands for almost 30 years, I decided to shift my focus in order to help smaller businesses raise their own commercial opportunities. Whilst building my own business development consultancy during the depths of the global pandemic I joined Fort on Guild and received unprecedented levels of help, collaboration and support from other business owners. Realising that the increased goodwill experienced in everyday life was now spilling into the corporate world, I became convinced that if this could be effectively channelled, more small businesses who rely on a wide variety of outsourced skills and experience, but for whom cashflow often creates a significant barrier, would survive and thrive. The benefit was clear and ProBo was born. I am also running an aligned version of ProBo on Guild, where startup and small business owners on Guild can join the group in order to share help and advice with each other to lift each others businesses. If you have a question in your business that you could do with some help with, come and join us at
I’d like help with…
Building the ProBo community. The wider the community, the greater the value to all members.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Before getting into corporate life I was part of the opening crew for Disneyland Paris
I live in
A career highlight
Leaving the corporate world behind in the middle of my career to launch my own tech start-up.
Joined Guild
06 October, 2020