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Riccardo Sai
Riccardo Sai
Creative producer / Photographer / Director / Founder, Storo
Riccardo‘s professional bio / interests
The brands that make the greatest impact leverage the power of story—told, not just in words, but also through images and film. My name is Riccardo Sai. I am the Founder of STORO, a visual storytelling studio for purpose-led brands, and have been a director, creative producer and photographer for over two decades. STORO brings together a dynamic pool of creatives with a shared ambition for empowering the people and brands that are reshaping our world for the better. Allow me to tell you a story. The name STORO tells you two things about me. The first may be obvious; the second probably isn’t. I chose the name STORO because—above all—I am a visual storyteller. STORO is also the name of a small village I love where my family grew up in Northern Italy. There are a multitude of different stories my collaborators and I can tell you. One is about me and my journey to this point. But my favourite stories to bring into being are those of change-makers. Stories that matter. That connect. That break new ground. Each of these stories resonates with me personally because of where they are coming from, and what they can lead to. I’d like to tell you a little more about what I can offer with STORO. It could be a single image—the image—that captures the very essence of a person, product, or brand. Imagery that inspires and touches those who you most want to reach (you can check out some of our photography here). STORO can also make your story come to life with images that move, for example a short movie or advertising film. The goal of STORO is to move people in a new way. To inspire them to see the familiar with new eyes. To raise the profile of change-makers. To put them centre stage and amplify their voices. To bring their stories to life with vibrancy and authenticity. To add beauty and immediacy to what’s before us all, and with it, new dimensions and depths to how we see the world
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Connections with purpose-driven brands and agencies
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I make a great tiramisu and I once ate a cobra
I live in
A career highlight
An advertising campaign for the home office to raise awareness about female genital mutilation
Joined Guild
11 February, 2021