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Paul Hammond
Paul Hammond
Company Owner, Selectbrief
Paul‘s professional bio / interests
Owner of Selectbrief and Audio Visual Company since 1994, initial skillset evolved from typesetting to graphics to multimedia to full blown conference production, highly skilled in vision , but with enough ability and practice in Audio, Lighting, Set & Stage Build and Design to easily employ and upskill enthusiastic engineers.
I’d like help with…
ensuring clients grasp new technologies before they become the mainstream
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I believe Selectbrief created the first event throwable microphone - way before catchbox, it was a lapel microphone in a mothercare foam football with a material case stitched by my aunt.
I live in
A career highlight
Taking Women of the Year from an afternoon lunch to the Lorraine Show in ITV
Joined Guild
11 February, 2021