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Gihan Hyde
Gihan Hyde
CEO & Founder, Communique
Gihan‘s professional bio / interests
I am the award-winning CEO & Founder of Communique, a communication social enterprise start-up specializing in clarifying and amplifying a company’s Purpose, its Environmental and Social (ESG) strategies. Prior to founding “Communique” I led some of the largest change projects and communication departments including Barclays IA, HSBC AMG, M&S HR, Philip Morris, the Riyadh Metro Project, and the Department for International Trade. My work impacted more than 150,000 employees and closed $300m worth of sales deals. She can be reached on LI: Gihan Hyde or Twitter: @gehanam
I’d like help with…
ESG Communications, Employee Engagement, D&I Communications, Corporate communication startagies, Brand reputation
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Every Ethipian
I live in
A career highlight
Being the first female to ever work in the construction sector in Saudi Arabia and hold the most senior position.
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06 April, 2021