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Emily Koolen
Emily Koolen
OD/ People Strategist & Consultant, Leadership Coach & Facilitator, E Koolen Consulting
Emily‘s professional bio / interests
My work is simple - I connect & work with people on all things "People/HR/Culture/Talent". I design and build transformative companies, programs and processes to develop great leaders & great teams who are true and honest to themselves, mindful, authentic, who love what they do and are clear as to why and how they do it. I partner with diverse companies & people who are growing, building or in some state of change (I love startups and purposeful NGO's/Non-Profits!). I champion remote and flexible working. I ensure deep personal development, organisational and leadership transformation with as much structure as needed but always being mindful of how we can do things better. With a background and passion in coaching women, supporting startups and encouraging diversity & innovation, I really get energised when I see leaders, teams & organisations do amazing things for society, the planet & the future.
I’d like help with…
People Strategy, Leadership Coaching, Connecting People, Mentoring
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Canadian (and all the sarcasm & sorry's that come with that) who collects wine, loves her family (and maybe her dog the most) and gets stuck in with obscure information. I also do random sports like surfing, lacrosse and more.
I live in
A career highlight
Leaving what was meant to be a dream job and seemed to be a pinnacle on paper but had no alignment to true values. I am proud for taking that massive personal and professional risk.
Joined Guild
14 April, 2021