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Jo Eckersley
Jo Eckersley
CEO, Bubbl Limited
Jo‘s professional bio / interests
Award winning founder and CEO of Bubbl (, the next generation in content marketing and dynamic push notification tools. Bubbl's tech offers a highly innovative customer engagement platform, that uses a geofence triggered API/app enhancement pack to offer a new media channel for app owners. Bubbl offers a pick and mix selection of location based marketing functionality for existing or new apps, unlocking new content and data tools from surveys to push and pull communications using video, audio or location based search tools, with real time campaign analytics via the Bubbl Campaign Control dashboard. Bubbl is one of the Unbound50, Vodaphone 5G DIG 100 and was one of three finalists for Advertising Week Europe from across Europe at TechX 2018.
I’d like help with…
PreSeed/Seed investment
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
My teenage daughter plays the lead in a CBBC children's tv series :-)
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A career highlight
I was named one of the five rising stars by Computer Weekly in their 'Most Influential Women in Tech awards' 2019.
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19 April, 2021