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Mark Aldridge
Mark Aldridge
Writer-Director/Creative Director, Independent
Mark‘s professional bio / interests
I'm fortunate to be able to describe myself as a successful Creative Director & Writer/Director, who has worked in a range of locations around the world. What else do you need to know? Well, these days, it’s pretty important to say that I’m Asian British. Dad to 4 kids. Nominal boss to 2 dogs. Married to Mary. I’ve made lots of ads, campaigns and content for clients like BMW, BT, The National Blood Transfusion service and so many others. I've created major theatrical events and shows for some of the world's biggest stages and my feature film, BLESSED, starring James Nesbitt and Natascha McElhone was released in the UK, acquired for global distribution and networed on the BBC - for whom I have made a number of programmes. As Strategic Director and Executive Creative Director for the United Nations FCCC COP 18, I conceived, pitched and delivered the award-winning global communications campaign; "Count me in' - which evolved to become "we're counting on you' in Paris COP 20. I’m the creator of Deadline – an award-winning campaign for HM Gov, focused on Freedom of Information and I led the creative response which won the RAF100 London celebrations (2018) and HM Gov Commonwealth Heads of Government summit (2018). My concept for the Opening Ceremony of the Special Olympics 2019 was adopted by the host nation and Olympic committee and in 2020/21 I helped secure the delivery of the G7 Summit and COP Glasgow for a UK-based agency. I’ve won several awards including Gold IVCAs, Gold ITMAs, Chicago Gold camera and New York Festival Awards. I am lead practitioner at kink - an association of creative and communications specialists dedicated to meeting the challenge of Diversity, Inclusion and Social Responsibility in corporate families. I’m easy to chat with - and people say it’s always fun and interesting and inspirational to have me in the room. Hope you don’t mind me saying that. After all, this isn’t a pitch. I also own a vintage Strat, a beautiful Gretsch 6120, a treasured Taylor 814CE – a drum kit that Mary’s insisted is consigned to the loft... and for some reason, I’ve got “Sometimes it snows in April” by Prince, rolling around in my head. If you don’t know it... give it a listen. Lovely.
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I only started drinking coffee in my 30s. Now... I'm kind of fanatical about achieving the perfect Crema
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The Feature Film: Blessed - and serving as Strategic and Executive Creative Director for The United Nations FCCC
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18 May, 2021