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Adam Hardy
Adam Hardy
Director, Ecocore
Adam‘s professional bio / interests I am a fossil fuel addict trying to kick the habit. I now work for EcoCore. We advocate a climate policy which creates a carbon currency based on carbon allowances, creating a dual currency system of money and carbon tokens. Read more at I was a zoologist, a forex trader and a coder (not simultaneously). I did my MSc in Environmental Technology at Imperial College, London in 1990. In my last job up to 2019 I worked for BP plc, creating systems and huge databases to help the oil industry run smoothly. When the cognitive dissonance between BP and what I thought my life was about grew too loud, I quit and since then, I’ve run EcoCore to talk with any who’ll listen about climate change and the best ways to deal with it.
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Climate Change
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I know how to get a Landrover out of six foot deep mud pit on a logging road in Nigeria without a rescue truck. It was pretty awesome watching the local Nigerian villagers do it - you tie a rope from the truck, around a big tree and back to the truck. Then you start twisting the ropes round & round, which slowly but surely tightens the rope and pulls the truck out of the pit. It's insanely dangerous as tension in the rope must be massive and probably would have killed a couple of the guys twisting it if they'd let go.
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This is it! Where are the emojis?
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23 May, 2021