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Renaud Huck
Renaud Huck
Chair of the Board of Directors / Committee Chair, Outlook Care
Renaud‘s professional bio / interests
After a 30-year career spent at senior executive level in the capital markets / financial services industry working around the world and running departments for international investment banks and exchanges, I made the transition from executive director to non executive director. Currently, I am the Chair of the Board of Directors and Committee Chair (Remuneration + Finance Scrutiny Committees) of an Essex-based healthcare provider. Since March 2018, I am also their Treasurer of the Board and Member of the Audit & Risk and Remuneration Committees. In addition, in October 2020, I joined two London City-based SaaS FinTech financial services companies, as a Senior Advisor and Member of the Advisory Council.
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When I am not sitting in a Board room, I am sitting in a saddle .. as horses are a passion.
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A career highlight
Whilst working for international banking groups and living on 4 different continents, it allowed me to see different cultures.
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17 August, 2021