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Rebecca Webster
Rebecca Webster
Director of Industry Relations and Communications, Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency
Rebecca‘s professional bio / interests
Communications strategist and public relations leader passionate about music, culture and active living. Team player with an entrepreneurial mindset.
I’d like help with…
My current communications role is an everything role. I work for a music licensing agency (read: we collect and distribute royalties from streaming platforms and radio and tech platforms like FB, Insta, OculusVR, TikTok.) I do client comms, media relations, PR, corporate comms, sponsorship/partnerships, social media, marketing. My career until now has been mostly externally facing but here I do everything ... I have one coordinator who just joined in June, but I drive this ship....
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I'm an undercover Brit who was born in London but I've lived in Canada for most of my life. Looking to move, during a pandemic, to find communications work in London and be closer to my sister who lives in SE London. Also I have a Culinary Arts certificate that I completed during the pandemic just for fun. So, undercover chef, also?
I live in
A career highlight
When I was the music publicist working for Arcade Fire and they won the Album of the Year at the Grammys....
Joined Guild
03 September, 2021