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Rob Darwin
Rob Darwin
CEO, Doing a startup (was
Rob‘s professional bio / interests
2023-April: changing sides, working on a startup, see how well I can use the advice and ideas that I have given others! am very interested in the way that Communities can assist in the process... Previously: I founded having done the startup to exit marathon. It’s all about helping businesses from Startup to Exit. Too many business fail totally, or do not meet the founding vision, disappointing founders, investors, the team and customers. We would like to shift that. I did Engineering and Computer Sciences at Cambridge, and Business Administration at INSEAD. I have done the startup to exit marathon, and that inspired to help others along that journey. I am currently involved in: - helping companies in general - early stage investment (Angel and Pre-Angel) - helping some businesses get started - growing Startup2Exit know-how, so that Entrepreneurs, Investors, Team Members, and Customers can benefit.
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the Startup to Exit entrepreneurial journey
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I have done the Startup to Exit entrepreneurial journey, and founded to help others with the journey.
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18 September, 2021