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Marcia Marini
Marcia Marini
Founder, Ancora Consulting
Marcia‘s professional bio / interests
Over 20 years ago, I joined a start-up health consultancy and led its growth from zero to £20m in 7 years, then proudly sold it to the Mott MacDonald Group (MMG), a £2bn engineering, consultancy, and development group. At MMG, I became one of the top nine executive leaders - and the first female one. I left five years later, having successfully integrated my team into the larger corporation, further grown it (including through acquisitions), and taken on additional responsibilities within the Group. I enjoyed my planned time off with my young family for four years and, by 2011, I was ready to return to work. I started a boutique consultancy (Ancora Consulting) - which is my vehicle for trading and doing interesting work with SMEs - and I have led the growth and sale of several other businesses. Over the last 10 years, I have worked with hundreds of brilliant entrepreneurs, invested in great start-ups, established a network of amazing Associates, and contributed to the growth of over 50 SMEs. I have also been a NED on the Board of several growth SMEs and of one plc - where I was the first female Board Director. In addition, I have been involved in a dozen or so M&A transactions: as an investor; as a NED on the Board of businesses that were looking to sell; advising growth SMEs on planning, preparing and executing a sale; and sometimes simply helping shareholders reach alignment on their ambitions and accompanying them through the sale process. I am passionate about working with owners and leaders of SMEs – and particularly about helping them to scale and to make a successful transition from being smaller, professionally owned and run, to becoming sustainable, larger businesses. I do this through coaching and mentoring and through practical advice. Sometimes, I sit in their Boards, as a NED. I often think of myself as an energetic bee, an SME pollinator, who nowadays spreads experiences, shares ideas and connects people. I love to create a buzz and to network.
I’d like help with…
Just to connect with NEDs generally, with a particular interest in those also working with SMEs
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Born in Brazil, descendent of Italians.
I live in
A career highlight
Selling a business that grew from zero to £20m in 7 years.
Joined Guild
28 October, 2021