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Arun Chauhan
Arun Chauhan
Director, Tenet Law
Arun‘s professional bio / interests
I run a disputed and compliance law firm specialising in fraud and financial crime. Previously a partner at DWF I set up Tenet Law in 2016. We are a little bit different. We have a team of ex national or international law firm lawyers but do not have targets (billable hours, financial, cash collection etc.). Since we set up we have had an autonomous work from home model to help young parents accommodate work and family life. The pandemic allowed a lot of the profession to catch up with us 😉 Our aim is not only to help clients prevent and respond to fraud - we try to share knowledge to help wider society protect themselves from fraud which represents 40% of all crime in the UK if you include cybercrime. I speak a lot about fraud and compliance at conferences, in the media and in articles - always happy to chat about anything in my subject area…..
I’d like help with…
Transitioning from working in the business to working on it to build more awareness of our existence
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
A proud allotment owner
I live in
A career highlight
Playing guitar for a judge when a trainee to help the judge assess if the music was a nuisance (the sound not my playing!)
Joined Guild
09 November, 2021