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Fern Potter
Fern Potter
Chief Strategy Officer, Hybrid Theory
Fern‘s professional bio / interests
Where to start, I am fascinated by brand experience and how brands can adapt to an individual to cater for their need/want state. I love working with brands who are transforming their businesses through connectivity, this touches on data, talent, culture and technology. I believe in the power of brands to deliver life changing experience and emotion to people, and that should be just as powerful online as it is offline - making good the Metaverse Connectivity, Strategy, Customer Experience, Personalisation, Data Driven Marketing, AI, NFT, Programmatic, Blockchain, Transparency, Culture
I’d like help with…
Making the internet a better place, creating meaningful experiences, and building business outcomes... as well as meeting inspiring, like minded folk
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
As a passionate motorsport fan, I trained for two years as a mechanic to understand the beauty of engine craft, and to also keep my old bangers on the road.
I live in
A career highlight
Offering mentorship and career support for the talent entering the world of advertising and media.
Joined Guild
17 November, 2021