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Freia Muehlenbein
Freia Muehlenbein
Agency Consultant & Owner, Be Reyt Agency Advisory
Freia‘s professional bio / interests
Hi there, I'm Freia. I support digital, creative, and marketing agencies with the effective delivery of their strategic goals. Agencies invest time and energy into the creation of their vision and ambitions but struggle to see them through to the implementation of positive, embedded changes and ways of operating. I support agencies throughout the end-to-end process of their strategy delivery by: - Clearly defining what the strategy is and how to measure its success - Translating strategic goals into simple initiatives and projects that will deliver the desired impact - Ensuring clear frameworks for ownership, measurement, and delivery of all initiatives - Guiding agencies through the changes needed across Operations, People, Sales, Marketing - Offering ongoing accountability and objective advice, as well as training and mentoring, to ensure the delivery of your goals maintains momentum. How did I get into this? I worked agency-side for 12 years and was responsible for delivering the strategy and change programs for one of the most successful 150-strong digital marketing agencies in the UK. I worked with the Board and senior leadership team to translate the vision and strategy into workable initiatives that impact e.g. EBITDA, client retention and growth, pitch close rates, and revenue. Between 2010 - 2017 I grew my own service offering from 0-100 people. My department flourished, won awards, supported peoples' progression, and was sustainable and profitable. We delivered global campaigns across 40 markets. IT WAS HARD. I've always loved the hands-on delivery of strategic goals, but I understand that growth and change are equally exciting and daunting. I’m here to share my experience so you can avoid the mistakes I made. In a room of 100 agency consultants, I will undoubtedly stick out like a sore thumb: I'm a female millennial in my 30s, I'm German & British, and I have never owned or sold my own agency. I was the person responsible for the delivery of complex strategic initiatives, moving between the Board of Directors and operational teams to deliver changes. What else? - Qualified in agile change management - Mental health first aider - Proud owner of two needy cats - Love mountain biking - I have German/British citizenship (I had to pass the 'Life in the UK' test if you ever needed a pub quiz partner 😊) I love to meet agency folk for a cuppa and listen to their experiences with strategy delivery. I'm based in Leeds, but work with clients globally. Message me on [email protected] for a chat. I'm looking forward to it.
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I'm a native German with dual British-German citizenship. Germany is where I'm from, but Britain is my home. Feeling both British and German, I named my business Be Reyt (Yorkshire for 'it will be alright') which is similar to the German word Bereit ('ready') and encapsulates how I approach things. It also describes how I ran my first 10k without doing any training, but that's a story for another time....
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A career highlight
I'm a growth consultant for Liverpool-based FORM. As part of their growth programs, I provide six months of bespoke consultancy to unlock sustainable growth in creative, digital, and tech businesses. I am an associate Guide for Agency Local, a community for agency owners focused on helping to improve, grow, or scale their business.
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17 November, 2021