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Gerard O'Neill
Gerard O'Neill
Copywriter/Behavioural Science Advisor and Career Branding Specialist, Copywriter Services
Gerard‘s professional bio / interests
Results Getting Copywriter/Behavioural Science Advisor and Career Branding Specialist – delivering insightful, persuasive, and scientifically proven psychological sales influence – finding the most enticing and convincing method of appeal. A dependable and insight-centric influence agent with a proven ability to write colourful, persuasive copy, with impeccable grammar and strong editing skills; delighting clients for over twenty years through satisfying their business communications and personal branding. Inquisitive and quick to get to the heart of most problematic content/career documentation lacking that all-important ‘Reason-why’; performed through a process of evaluation and the elimination of the unnecessary. A writer with a proven ability to ensure standards, policies and communications are understood and implemented correctly. A hardworking and motivated character that is held in high regard by partners and clients – excellent interpersonal skills, an excellent communicator and emotionally mature; calming and confident temperament. Trusted in deploying key messaging across all media that delivers engagement and brand recognition. Interests: Highly interested in ‘Behavioural Insights’ and enjoy learning about Behavioural Science and application. Passionate about maintaining a healthy lifestyle through keeping fit by cycling and a healthy diet.
I’d like help with…
Website Conversion Rate and Career Branding Communications. Identifying clients’ requirements through linking up with the conversation going on in their minds. Providing informative, but more importantly ‘insightful’ copy, by incorporating time-tested research techniques and influence tactics.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Award-Winning International 5-Star C-Level Executive CV Writer. Strong programming background in XML, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, and competent website/user-interface development.
I live in
A career highlight
Most proud to have created and designed Accomplishment Highlight Papers (AHPs). Amazing ‘Sell You Best’ Future Positioning Strategy: Accomplishment Highlight Papers (AHPs) are similar in structure to ‘Case Studies’ found on a business website; perhaps, the world’s most ‘pre-suasive’ self-marketing tool? Accomplishment Highlight Papers (AHPs) will market you more effectively than just you presenting your CV or application. AHPs get presented on separate accompanied pages, formatted to a specific composition. Branding And Positioning Tactic: Accomplishment Highlight Papers (AHPs) are one of the few sure-fire personal branding and positioning strategies left in the world. No. 1 choice, overall, because underlying this ‘influencing’ tactic is the ‘Cognitive Response Law of Influence’: the successful persuasion tactic that directs and channels thoughts so that the target thinks in a manner agreeable to the communicator’s point of view. The successful tactic disrupts negative thinking and promotes positive thoughts about the proposed course of action. Take a moment and imagine how this ‘influence advantage’ easily opens the door to career progression; how your recipient concludes on ‘YOU’ been the favourite choice.
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30 November, 2021