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Vincent Brain
Vincent Brain
Exec Director, Precision Communities
Vincent‘s professional bio / interests
A background in B2B media - primarily events & online. I'm interested in buyer / supplier transactions, but have an equal interest in investment relationships. Not an exhaustive list, but I'd really like to help develop: a) Environmental technologies, sustainability & the circular economy b) Precision Medicine & personalised treatment c) Transparency in governance & shared benefits of economic development
I’d like help with…
I'm interested in communities and how they operate. The business that I come from (trade shows) assembles industries - but in rather an inefficient way, with significant environmental impact. I'm looking to help catalyse relationships in various sectors to generate value in a more efficient way, with more trackable ROI, transparency around transactions & with less waste.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I'm 45 years old but recently discovered that I can still slam dunk. Still got it!
I live in
A career highlight
Built an online business from zero to £1m turnover during 2020. Having seen the power - as well as the shortfalls - of the virtual event model, my vision is to build the B2B media model of the 21st century.
Joined Guild
07 January, 2022