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Lucy Patterson


Lucy Patterson

Founder, Design Thinking Practitioner & Sustainable Community Builder, Flourish Unlimited

Lucy's professional bio / interests

Helping you apply the principals of design thinking and community to your business and life, in order to achieve sustainable growth. Interests: Design thinking, community leadership, sustainability, social enterprise, micro business growth specific to female founders. (With a particular interest in neurodiversity.)

I’d like help with…

Developing my skillset, better understanding inclusive community models, making connections, and building relationships with other Community Leaders.

An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…

I'm one of only 16 people in the world to have graduated from Babson College's Inspiration USA Business Growth Program. (Babson have been named the No.1 University in the world for entrepreneurship for the past 25 years.) I once got stuck in a revolving door with Imelda Marcus. (My shoes were definitely nicer than hers! 😉) I once arrived at the wrong entrance for a meeting at The Pentagon, so was escorted through the building by a US Marine. He walked backwards closing doors and shutting blinds as he went. (Pre 9/11 obviously.)

I live in


A career highlight

Being mentored by Sir John Bird as part of the prize for winning the Dragon's Den for Social Enterprise prototype competition.




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Jan 08, 2022