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Mike Weston
Mike Weston
Founder, SMTW :: Escape Velocity
Mike‘s professional bio / interests
A data strategy consultant, author, mentor and entrepreneur. I'm passionate about change and how we respond to it. We talk ourselves into being scared of it but we quite literally couldn't live without it. My mission is to help people equip themselves for the future so that they can make the most of it, not live in fear of it. That means dealing with the world around you (external factors) and your reaction and attitude toward it (internal factors). I believe that understanding how the world is changing helps you to equip yourself to live your best life for today, and for tomorrow.
I’d like help with…
Connecting with people who want help with creating a culture of continuous innovation
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Started my first digital transformation in 1997 at Associated Newspapers... still practicing ;-)
I live in
A career highlight
Writing, presenting and mentoring executives learning about Digital Transformation on a course that is part of a Stanford masters-level qualification.
Joined Guild
27 January, 2020