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David Gray
David Gray
Founder, DGBD
David‘s professional bio / interests
I've been in BD for 20 years and as I've aged / grown / developed I've become more and more focussed on how everyone (not just those in BD) can be enabled and supported to be the person we all deserve to be. But that's hard when there's targets to hit, revenue to be made and stakeholders to please. It's my growing mission to help support BD professionals with their training, wellbeing and mental health, combining my understanding of the Marketing Agency environment with plenty of empathy and self help to enable them to grow as people (and organisations)
I’d like help with…
Introductions and shared enthusiasm for seeking opportunities to help marketing agencies be more empathic, supportive and more successful.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
This won't be a huge surprise given my interests, but I am a qualified (half way to being a fully qualified) therapeutic counsellor.
I live in
A career highlight
Every time I see someone I hired and trained in their first new business role getting a new job as VP / Director of Business Development at a massive agency. It's all down to their hard work and talent but it makes me proud I was with them at the start.
Joined Guild
25 January, 2022