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Jeremy Simon
Jeremy Simon
Graphic Designer, Freelance
Jeremy‘s professional bio / interests
I am a passionate and dedicated Art Director and Visual Designer who believes in the power of visual communication to move audiences. As you will see from my portfolio, my experience includes digital and print advertising, web design, logo design, animation and corporate ID. From 2019 I worked at Cisco’s in-house agency, The Hatch. Freelance clients include Aurora Healthcare Group, Parthian Books, and Manchester University. I know how to interpret and solve client briefs. I undertake my own research to, for example, gain a deeper understanding of a product of service, or to more fully empathise with an audience. I always like to understand how an assignment fits into wider organisational objectives. I am an inherently agile thinker (a skill I developed by necessity at high profile, high energy advertising agencies). I can adapt my approach to different problems and situations, but always starting with defining the assignment and understanding the intended audience. My previous experience as Account Planner and Strategy Director puts me in a unique position - I am able to think both creatively and strategically, which allows me to define a problem or assignment, solve it through creativity which really connects with the intended audience, and think about ways to assess effectiveness.
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21 March, 2022