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Mark Pearce
Mark Pearce
CEO, Wyser
Mark‘s professional bio / interests
I set up the business in June 2020 with my business partner. We are a digital transformation consultancy and a software provider. We develop software that leverages AI to collect right first time data from users/customers for clients with large volumes of enquiries, claims and disputes. We are self funded, cash flow positive and looking to win more business in the corporate and public sectors.
I’d like help with…
LinkedIn and figuring out what to write about. I'm really not keen on the overly personal stuff, I'd prefer to write about things that interest me but I want to always bring it back Wyser and that we are here to help wherever we can. I'm not on LinkedIn for fun but appreciate I have to put the effort in to get something out of it.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Generally I would say I'm fearless, always willing to give something a go and I am resilient as I have been in many challenging and stressful situations but I've managed to get through them. However, I am terrified of wooden lolly sticks! Even the thought of them turns me inside out. I think it is known as Xylophobia and I have no idea why I have it. I used to go on a lot of Bear Grylls type survival courses so I'm happy in forests but wooden lolly sticks, yuk!
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A career highlight
Setting up Wyser and winning a seven figure contract within 18 months of setting up.
Joined Guild
27 April, 2022