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Mohammed Firose Abdul Kareem
Mohammed Firose Abdul Kareem
Assistant System Engineer Trainee, Tata Consultancy Services Limited
Mohammed Firose‘s professional bio / interests
Aspiring to become the next "Kelly Johnson" of aircrafts, I have utilized each second of my spare time for the past 22 years, watching aircrafts and learning about them through online courses and engineering documentary films, and they have never bored me for even a fraction of a second. The excitement that made me lose three days of sleep before boarding an aircraft (B777-300ER) for the first time, and that which let me watch planes take off and land bareheaded under the sun at one of the hottest middle eastern countries has only increased the more I learn about them.
I’d like help with…
Anything that is related to mechanical engineering, preferably about aircrafts, automobiles, and marine vessels. I consider myself to have a sound knowledge of aircrafts and automobiles, and a basic knowledge of marine vessels.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
So much passionate about Aerospace Engineering that I have successfully completed literally all the online courses that exist related to the topic (as of Jun 2022). Now I am looking forward to an opportunity to apply the knowledge thus gained, and to learn aircrafts even more deeply.
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Harvard University's Crossroads Emerging Leaders Program 2021 Alumnus
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28 May, 2022