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Samili Rajan
Samili Rajan
MA in Digital and Interactive Storytelling LAB, University of Westminister
Samili‘s professional bio / interests
Since I am passionate about media and communication, I have completed my undergraduate degree in journalism and specialized in a master's degree in digital and interactive storytelling. This gave me more in-depth knowledge of digital journalism, which I'd like to apply to my work and explore further. As part of my UG, I have also done a two-month internship as a news reporter for a news channel in India. I am very passionate about producing documentaries that explore deeper aspects of social issues. In addition, I am an expert in social media management, which I did part-time while studying, and which helped me to develop my graphic design skills using Adobe software. My main hobby is photography. As a creative professional, I'm excited to learn more about the industry, and I'm committed to bringing my unique style to whatever career path I choose.
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30 May, 2022