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Steven Watson
Steven Watson
Time Master, Time Masters / 27andahalf
Steven‘s professional bio / interests
Most business owners want freedom and to work on their own terms, but many feel as though they’re spinning plates, herding cats and trying to ride 10 horses with one arse. Overflowing inbox? Over scheduled diary? Distracted 684993 times every hour? Don’t worry, we can get this sorted together. If you’re a busy professional I can help you to master your time in 3 ways: 1️⃣ 121 coaching: An arm around the shoulder and a kick up the backside to whip you into shape! 2️⃣ My book: Time Ltd - Transform your busyness into a thriving business. 3️⃣ Time Masters: 1+2=3. A community of likeminded people supporting each other, inspiring each other and holding each other accountable. Whichever method you prefer, we will follow the structure of the Pyramid of Time Mastery and develop Time Habits for success. Most of my work is with business owners and I work particularly well with people in the Professional Services sector (such as accountants, solicitors and IFAs). I am equally as comfortable with larger groups of people as well and have worked with the likes of St James Place, ActionCoach and the NHS. If you would like to master your time, get in touch. No more procrastinating - you’ve read this far so you know this is something you need to do! DM on here or contact Steven directly on 07967595115 / [email protected] #ItsAboutTime.
I’d like help with…
Learning a wide range of skills from specialists to help me make the best use of my time every day.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I was a Torch Bearer for the 2012 London Olympics
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A career highlight
My book, ‘Time Ltd - Transform your busyness into a thriving business’ was published by Fisher King Publishing and released in 2021.
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08 June, 2022