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Matthew Cooper
Matthew Cooper
Director, Kyaninga Forest Foundation
Matthew‘s professional bio / interests
Matt Cooper is one of the founding directors of KFF and worked previously together with Steve at Kyaninga Lodge. He is currently completing a PhD through the ETH in Zurich but is based largely in Uganda where his research is addressing the legacy effects of land conversion on forest recovery in Kibale Forest National Park. He is passionate about preserving biodiversity and sees trees as the backbone to achieving this as they provide habitat for so many other species (mammals, birds, insects, fungi etc). By finding ways to incorporate indigenous trees into current farming practices, he hopes this will have a trickle-down effect on the whole agro-ecosystem, benefiting both the farmer and the natural world. He’s also a bit of a cycad freak!
I’d like help with…
We are a group of NGO's working in Uganda with a diverse foci ranging from environmental (Kyaninga Forest Foundation), rehabilitation of children with disabilities (Kyaninga Child Development Centre), developing mobility aids and prosthetics (Kyaninga Mobility) and inclusive schooling (Kyaninga Inclusive Model School). In addition there may be work for our partner business entity who work in the ecotourism sector (Kyaninga Lodge). The main elements we need help with are annual reports, program brochures and leaflets, educational posters and learning materials, teaching manuals. We have all the text and photos and can show some of the previous work to give an idea of what we would be looking for. Obviously as we are all working in Uganda and are in the charity sector we would need to see what can be afforded in terms of UK fees.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I've lived in Uganda for more than ten years
I live in
A career highlight
Planting over 75,000 trees!
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09 June, 2022