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Sybille Raphael
Sybille Raphael
Legal Director, Protect
Sybille‘s professional bio / interests
Sybille is Protect’s legal director, an experienced employment solicitor and a compelling speaker. She is a leading specialist whistleblowing lawyer working alongside employers, regulators and whistleblowers. At Protect, she co-directs the charity’s legal case work and policy work. She has in-depth knowledge of the law and the practical realities of whistleblowing. She has spearheaded several successful legal interventions at the Court of Appeal and Employment Appeal Tribunal levels. She has a key role in Protect’s current legal reform campaign, pushing for innovative and much needed improvement to the UK whistleblowing legal framework. She also has wide-ranging expertise in helping organisations improve their whistleblowing arrangements and ‘speak up’ culture. She creates and delivers bespoke training and board briefings, conducts specialist whistleblowing audits. Protect is the UK’s whistleblowing charity and is a leading authority on whistleblowing in the UK. It was established as a charity in 1993 and has to date individually advised more than 45,000 whistleblowers and helped hundreds of organisations. It regularly provides evidence to Parliamentary Select Committees and government departments. It has successfully intervened in numerous important appellate cases involving the interpretation, scope and application of whistleblowing legislation. It has unparalleled insight and unique expertise in how whistleblowing works in practice.
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10 June, 2022