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Benjamin Daniel
Benjamin Daniel
Support worker (Temporary), Mind care and support
Benjamin‘s professional bio / interests
A mid-level expertise experience across sales, business development, client relations and customer service roles in insurance and banking sectors. Aspire to attain a viable career within the financial services segment by an in-depth knowledge and hands-on practice of financial analysis, modelling, big data, and digital programs to aid growth of startups, SMEs, MNCs and The Big listing firms. Contribute to sustainable growth and development in any given environment by value-impact measures.
I’d like help with…
Professional members and mentors who will give me useful hints on attaining excellence and becoming a pro in the specialized field.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Because of my passion for finance, I intend undertaking another masters program in Finance after the completion of my MA program. I would also love engaging in professional course certifications which will give me real-time exposure to financial analysis, modelling and advisory.
I live in
A career highlight
Working in a health and social care sector (temporarily) is borne out of my interests in charitable activities and creating memorable impact in the lives of people.
Joined Guild
12 June, 2022