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Nenpan Gowon
Nenpan Gowon
Masters Student, University of Lincoln
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I'm currently studying a masters in Research methods in psychology. I am interested in user experience design and user research because I have develop a love for solving problems with design and I seek to understand users needs to create better experience on digital products.
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One series that I have influenced me as a child is "The Pretender". It's about a character that was trained from a child to become any profession his mission required him to be. And I thought as a child, what if, i don't have to thick to one profession all my life, but well, the world doesn't work like that, so it took me a long while to decide what exactly I wanted to do. And then, during the lockdown, I had to recall what I loved doing as a child, and so I figured "User experience design" will be the path for me and this is the longest I have stayed learning a field. Basically, I'm interested in making a difference in any organisation I find myself in and improving myself while at it.
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12 June, 2022