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wisdom agbon
wisdom agbon
Medical Writer, Freelance
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Hello, I hold a bachelor's degree in Plant Biology and Biotechnology and three(3) years of experience as a Medical Writer and Quality control Intern in Pharmaceuticals and FMCG. I possess experience in the drug development process, study reports, clinical research, industry guidelines and regulations, scientific writing, and excellent computer skills utilizing multiple applications. My unique combinations of technical expertise, creative abilities, and experiences as a Medical Writer have improved my collaborative skills and enabled me to provide mandatory participation in a team setting towards the development, monitoring, and achievement of collective goals. As a Medical Writer, I have successfully contributed to implementing pharmaceutical editorial standards and guidelines, regulatory compliance, and design standards by proofreading high-profile designs, copywriting projects, and marketing communication materials. I have also, improved SEO effectiveness and Medical content quality through collaborative writing, editing, and proofreading of content; I have contributed to the designing and implementation of Medical initiatives, projects, and programs. My track record of working in these demanding and challenging industries has provided me with robust experiences, and I believe that with these harnessed capabilities of mine, I will integrate seamlessly into relevant roles fitting my skill set.
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19 June, 2022