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Jennifer McKenzie
Jennifer McKenzie
CEO- Mind/Body Intuitive Coach- Reiki Teacher- Author- Speaker, Lunar Spirit Wellbeing
Jennifer‘s professional bio / interests
Hi- I'm Jen, I am passionate about connecting science and spirituality through movement, breath, energy healing and NLP, to help others awaken from anxiety, move forward from past trauma and make the shift from lower mind states to super consciousness by developing emotional and spiritual intelligence. I love to write, make videos and podcasts about wellness, spirituality and share my life journey lessons. I am also a huge mental health advocate and body acceptance activist, having learnt to accept and love my own body after many years of being made to feel ashamed of it, I encourage and empower other women to embrace their divine femininity and celebrate their bodies.
I’d like help with…
Sharing my message of recovery from suicide, addiction, homelessness and domestic violence- you can have a beautiful life regardless of where you once were!
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
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A career highlight
Every time I get to witness a clients awakening!
Joined Guild
24 June, 2022