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Jonathan Day
Jonathan Day
Founder & Ceo, Wash Cycle Ltd
Jonathan‘s professional bio / interests
The Future of Laundry - Sustainable, Convenient, Fast & Professional. The Wash Cycle Origin Story If I'm honest, the original inspiration for Wash Cycle was my own inane dislike of having to do my own laundry. It occurred to me while sat with friends, that everything was turning toward convenience as the key driver in value, with sustainability being a bonus. And with the obvious markets such as food, drink and uber style services all available and online already, I realised laundry hadnt yet been conquered. After a few days of letting it meticulate in my head, I realised, just like eating and movement is going to be a constant in our lives.. short of some miracle fabric that cleans itself, laundry will always be needed so you don't have to worry about seasonal or potential drops in demand in the future. And at the time there weren't actually any services in the UK as they all launched at the same time as me funnily enough - though in different cities in England. The sustainable side has always been a key focus for me anyway in whatever business I'd want to do. As a result, Wash Cycle is carbon positive, using less damaging detergents which travrl shorter distances, and working hard to eliminate all single use plastics from our service cycle! I also knew that if it was me as the customer, I'd rather not have someone storing my potentially expensive laundry somewhere overnight - so making it same day returns was crucial. Initially, I wanted to be able to capture the student market too, so I set to work to design a way to get costs low enough to stay affordable. We are actually not much more than most local self service launderettes! This provides room to raise prices in the future slightly, as we create and acquire the market here in Cardiff - allowing others to do so in England. Beyond that, given the element of trust I mentioned earlier, I knew reliability would be key to any success and the public would need to trust us with their potentially expensive items before considering using us. As such, having received almost exclusively 5 star reviews on Google, it's taken not much more than a quality service resulting in word of mouth and high ratings to fuel all our growth! Month expenditure on advertising has been minimal as a result, further enabling our low prices, as people have been happy enough to tell friends and we have found our way to the top of Google so they find us themselves anyway. So I then had my business model pretty much made for me! A same day, sustainable, affordable and convenient laundry service.
I’d like help with…
Raising funding and awareness for the business! Help is improve the laundry industry, converting it from a net polluting activity to a climate positive one!
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I have a labradoodle called Lola (Loleen or Lolette depending on behaviour) and she is my life outside of work.
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A career highlight
Winner of the 'Highly Commended' award at Cardiff Business Awards 2019
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20 March, 2020