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Lia Trunchion


Lia Trunchion

Senior Marketing Executive, School of Marketing

Lia's professional bio / interests

A highly-motivated individual with a clear focus on building a career in digital marketing. I am currently working towards my Level 3 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship which is allowing me to explore all areas of marketing. Currently, managing a completely free initiative, "Mentoring Gen-Z", designed to allow young people from all walks of life get access to industry-leading mentors and like-minded people, to kickstart or enhance their careers, via weekly online mentoring sessions. Our mentors are from a range of companies like Google, Meta, Nandos, Adobe and more. You can view our full list of mentors here - Upcoming mentoring sessions - I also help run and produce, The Places We'll Go Marketing Show podcast, hosted by Mark Evans, Managing Director at DirectLine and Ritchie Mehta, CEO at School of Marketing. We bring on different leaders in our industry each week to talk about and discuss how they have created such an incredible career for themselves, while normalising the fact that everyone has hard times and struggles - We want to give you a weekly dose of inspiration and motivation. The Places We'll Go Marketing Show -

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Mentoring Gen Z winning "Initiative of the year award" in 2022!


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Jul 13, 2022