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Scott Collin
Scott Collin
Founder / Executive Creative Director, The Creative Cartel
Scott‘s professional bio / interests
Nothing is more important than the idea. Original, strategic ideas based on sound insights rule the day. The Creative Cartel lives by this, along with our patently ambitious mission: Make our clients days better and their brands stronger. We are a full-service agency that's not interested in drama, short-cuts or politics. Just awesome ideas, smart work, flawless execution and having fun. Here's to it.
I’d like help with…
getting agencies back the respect they are do. Good agencies, anyway. Over the past 10 to 15 years I've watched as businesses -- clients -- have tired to commoditize ideas and direguard the value of creativity. Sadly, too many shops are willing to give it away just to stay viable. But almost to a T, they're the shops that approach everything the same, lazy way. Smart, dedicated agencies deserve more.
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A career highlight
Shooting commercials in Budapest, Hungary.
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14 July, 2022