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David Brebner
David Brebner
Owner / Founder, DHB Partnership Ltd
David‘s professional bio / interests
Operates at the Intersection of tech, B2B sales & marketing and the evolving of capabilities to execute. Brings strong experience of SaaS, managed services and professional services as alternative delivery models. I believe the lifeblood of a company is new sales. You have to always go where the money is , but I have a keen interest to target the “new” Managed Service Providers, ISP’s and Mobile Operators when the opportunity arises. Working in smaller companies is more rewarding. You can change direction and fix problems immediately. I need always to work with people I respect, who share my values and share my desire for success.
I’d like help with…
Looking for students interested in a bit of part-time Dev-ops work in the networking side of things (eg TCP/IP, BGP).
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I was held at gun point in Calgary Canada. Learned to value more things in life after that
I live in
A career highlight
Played a key leadership role at Internet content and malware filtering on a journey from 1 country to 115 countries in a few years using bootstrap funding. Great people. Great tech. Great experience.
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23 July, 2022