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David Gluckman
David Gluckman
Writer, Gluckman Brown Griffin Limited
David‘s professional bio / interests
My career has been in brand development and I worked as a consultant to IDV/Diageo for 36 years. I wrote a book about my experiences titled "That s*it will never sell!". These days I lecture on ideas and innovation and provide mentorship to students and start-ups looking for help.
I’d like help with…
Having worked for a giant global company IDV, now Diageo) creating new brands, I'd dearly like to share some of my coal-face knowledge. I also hugely enjoy talking to students, start ups and company innovation groups.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I love cricket and played for my local pub team for 35 years. We toured Australia 5 times and I managed to dismiss 2 West Indies test players, Joel Garner and Eldine Baptiste, with my unfeasibly slow bowling!
I live in
A career highlight
I peaked early, so Baileys Irish Cream is probably my career highlight. But based on the response I've had from readers, my book "That s*it will never sell!" provided enormous satisfaction.
I am available on LinkedIn, my website is and I can be contacted via [email protected].
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29 September, 2022