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Graham Hardy
Graham Hardy
Managing Partner, Infusion Group Ltd
Graham‘s professional bio / interests
My business Infusion Groups helps owner/founder led businesses to progress so they can reach their full potential. We focus on enhancing businesses by ensuring the people and performance aspects are working perfectly in sync with one another. Having already worked with members of Legacy Club we are keen to help as many businesses as possible reach their true potential.
I’d like help with…
Finding business owners who are seeking clarity and freedom so that they can ultimately live the life they want. If you know of any business owner who is feeling overwhelmed, stuck or unsure about their next steps please make an intro to Infusion as we have the tools and experience to genuinely help. Thank you 🙏
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
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A career highlight
Successfully left my corporate career after 25 years and founded Infusion during a pandemic and have been able to successfully grow each year.
Joined Guild
27 October, 2022