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David Walsh
David Walsh
Growth & Partnerships Manager, MadeFor.
David‘s professional bio / interests
My 20-year journey in digital has taken me from Business to Design, Marketing, eCommerce, and back to Business. No matter the output, product(s), or business my focus has always been on the customer. Customers have opinions, voices, needs, and desires that we must listen to. By empowering the target customer with knowledge and insights, we build trust and enable them to make the correct decisions at the right time for them. For me, this is key to providing valuable connections that will benefit both sides of the relationship. In my present role, I help international brands create better customer experiences through immersive education in CX Strategy, UX, Service Design, Digital Product & Customer Science.
I’d like help with…
Building a community of like-minds that thrive on good discussion, learning, and career progression.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I spent days and nights in a freezing cold field, in snow and ice dressed as a Lannister Guard in GoT's (extra) and I have never watched an episode.
I live in
A career highlight
When I left my suit behind and retrained as a Multimedia Designer.
Joined Guild
08 November, 2022