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Phillip Gadzinski
Phillip Gadzinski
Transformation Lead, Bupa
Phillip‘s professional bio / interests
Inherently curious, my view is this is essential to building collaborative, high performing teams. Passionate about learning and understanding how organisations actually work, the systems that are created to sustain them, and how we adjust and improve them to create resilience and adaptability necessary to thrive in the digital age. I help the organisation to learn to be better with no barriers or constraints being insurmountable or challengeable, so that we might better grow and adapt and thrive. My current role is leading system wide improvements for how we identify and deliver changes for customer benefit and the people, operational and technology enablement to uplift how we work. Some of my recent outcomes include: - Co creator of the Agile Governance Framework and the Remote Agility Framework. - Re Designing work with a purposeful, human centred, system wide approach. - Enabling leaders to create the space for people to learn and work and think differently. - Helping people with the tools, advice, guidance, coaching and support needed to make change happen- at scale. - Building software products that solve human problems- doing this I have come to learn and believe that software development requires creativity and is more an art than an engineering undertaking. Although I value the engineering on the right, there is more value in the artistry on the left....
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15 November, 2022