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Sarah Brewster
Sarah Brewster
Managing Director, Fresh Seed
Sarah‘s professional bio / interests
I run Fresh Seed a People & Culture Agency to the Creative Sector. By People & Culture though, we don't mean HR in the way you know it. We're not the naughty step, head girl kind. We specialise in psychological safety and what that looks like for everyone in your organisation. If you do great leadership training, we take that to the next step and help everyone in your organisation thrive. We have two sides to the business: HR retainers for all budgets and sizes. (This service is like your own in-house HR Manager but virtually with pragmatic, sector focused advice.) And that feeds into the other side of the business: Culture. Have you ever wondered if your EVP really is doing what you want it to? We are organisation psychology experts, creating happy workplaces that match with the B-corp world without being corporate. We use some familiar tools (like user research & surveys) to assess whats going on internally and weave together wellbeing, ED&I and engagement to help you and your employees/freelancers really thrive. Or if that's not your thing we also offer solutions in the form of training and workshops which are aimed at the development of your culture. Line managers can't help others if they don't know what they're doing, right? Line Manager Leadership Managing neurodiversity Menopause Developing your people strategy Wellbeing & Equity, diversity and inclusion. CPD for HR We've also got coaching partners and a raft of partners from healthcare to agency expertise. We totally don't believe in rules for rules sake - so no dust collecting policies with us - and we're passionate about freelancer talent in this sector. We have a range of toolkits, training, handbooks and many other things developed specifically for the sector. They're not corporate and no models that don't really fit your organisation. Anyone want a handbook created in Trello, for example? The thing that we do best is join the dots of all things people and take the burden off your shoulders. Plus all of our services can be provided pro bono for businesses in the deep with no budget. Our ethos is simply, be human, don't kill the magic and provide a service for everyone. Check out our website for more info!
I’d like help with…
How to grow the business and our client base. We are loved by everyone who works with us but we're small..we want to share our work because in the words of our clients "we've never worked with an HR provider/manager like you"
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Terrified of rollercoasters and my family once tricked me onto a pirate ship - I'm still in recovery years later!
I live in
A career highlight
Years ago I trained as a counsellor because so many colleagues had MH issues. One day someone said I'd made all the difference to their life and they chose life because of it. That's stayed with me forever. I just give a shit and if I can help a little with making work ok and taking stresses away then I'm living by my values.
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16 November, 2022