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Nash Siam
Nash Siam
Owner, AmaOrg
Nash‘s professional bio / interests
Swiss certfied Expert in Corporate Development, serial startup and scaleup supporter, trusted advisor to qualified investors, expert in fundraising assistance and target group tailored communication,...
I’d like help with…
Structuring and developing thoughts, plans or projects and businesses using agile management and requirements engineering methods. This approach enables the discovery of unexpected opportunities for cooperation, for breaking new ground and for acquainting oneself with new partners.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I live in Austria, France and Switzerland and love to travel and stay longer than just for tourist purposes. In this way I spent a lot of time in Poland, Germany, Spain and Slovakia. Just for short visits I have been to different Caribbean islands, Thailand, Philippines, United Kingdom and some other countries. I love languages and especially my mother tongue - all the amazing dialects of German. Wordplay, sarcasm, irony and so on work best for me in German. I believe that inspiration can be found everywhere and that serendipity is the most entertaining way to live. Intuitive, unconscious stress is internalized experience thanks to deliberate practice wanting to protect me. I am convinced that stress is self-made and demands immediate attention - consciously faced it simply passes or becomes a problem that can be mitigated, transferred, avoided or accepted.
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22 November, 2022