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Azriel (Tyler) Perez
Azriel (Tyler) Perez
Skyview Counselor, YMCA Camp Mason
Azriel (Tyler)‘s professional bio / interests
Job begins June 2024, Summer job
I’d like help with…
Anything that is ever needed :))
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
ITS TIME FOR SUMMER YALL !! (it’s not but for me it is) it’s my second year and i’m so excited to work with all of yall. all skyview counselors WELCOME TO THE FAM !! You’re stuck with us now 😈 Let me know if u guys want to connect, YMCA MASON 2024 BABBYYYY!!!
I live in
A career highlight
When I saw the kids I worked with perform the musical that we worked on together 🥲
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19 December, 2022