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Mark Walker
Mark Walker
Founder, GTM Works
Mark‘s professional bio / interests
I'm an experienced commercial leader running go-to-market teams at both VC at bootstrapped scaleups as a Chief Revenue Officer. Most recently I have started my own software business to develop the first GTM Operating System for ambitious SaaS businesses.
I’d like help with…
I left my full time role in Q2 last year to pursue a huge opportunity (pain point) I've seen in how go-to-market teams struggle to scale strategy, operations and execution as they grow. It's a huge problem, and so I'm looking to validate the solution I'm building...initial MVP is live, and a v2 is being fleshed out in wireframe format. Would love any unbiased (and unvarnished) feedback that can help shape what's being built and point me in the right direction.
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23 January, 2023