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Anita Newton
Anita Newton
Director, Friday at Five - People Performance 💪🏼🧠
Anita‘s professional bio / interests
I'm fascinated by people, their personalities, and how they adapt to get the best out of themselves and each other. The more we understand ourselves and others, the better off we will be. This is why I set up Friday at Five. We transform the most important asset of any business; its people. We use psychology to engage individuals, teams and organisations, enhancing their development and performance through self-awareness and adaptability. My journey has taken me through retail, client-side, and agency side through Client Service to Director. Developing people was always my super strength; it's my purpose, and I love it!
I’d like help with…
Broadening my network, I enjoy stimulating conversations and the opportunity to learn and share ideas. I welcome any opportunities to talk with businesses that have people pains, which may sound like these: - Recently or preparing to undergo a significant change; restructure, acquire, merge, look for investors, sell the business. - People (managers) prematurely promoted need to understand what makes people ‘tick’ and quickly to do their job. - Dysfunctional teams at any level (leaders to early career starters), teams need to be more cohesive and improve performance. - Individuals and teams with poor communication, not adapting their style to connect with team members or clients. - Individuals or teams lack self-awareness, impacting their ability to solve problems and connect with others. - Inflexible or rigid individuals or teams struggling to deliver, drive or adapt to change. - Clients who want to know more about their team dynamics understand the team's strengths and development areas. - Clients wanting to measure and grow team performance. - Clients looking to develop middle managers to increase the bandwidth of the leadership team. - Clients or managers looking for insight to make smarter recruitment decisions. - Individuals and teams that lack self-regulation, struggling with pressure, stressors and behaviours. - Client teams that need to develop interpersonal skills.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I'm house plant crazy and have at least 50 in the house - I sneak them in when Jon (my husband) isn't looking, so if you ever meet him and the subject comes up, the number is closer to 20 - right?
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A career highlight
Using my work to conquer my fear of heights. Full story here -
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03 February, 2023