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Michael Asinyaka
Michael Asinyaka
PGR Researcher, Nottingham Trent University
Michael‘s professional bio / interests
Michael Asinyaka is a Researcher at Nottingham Trent University’s (NTU) School of Architecture Design and Built Environment. Michael’s research experience spans the areas of Sustainable Buildings/Construction, Green Building Standards, Real Estate Development and Qualitative and Quantitative Research. His current research interests include decarbonisation of the housing sector, Smart and resilient cities, energy efficiency, and sustainability in the built environment generally. Michael is currently undertaking a research project at NTU on retrofitting the social housing stock. His focus is on how Social Landlords could address the problem of systematically identifying and measuring the wider benefits of retrofit investments to allow for robust and informed investment decision-making and later evaluation of the realised benefits.
I’d like help with…
Ongoing research being done to develop a measurement tool for the benefits of retrofits. I am currently seeking practitioner feedback on a draft spreadsheet tool. DM me if interested Thank you
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08 February, 2023