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Sonia Axis
Sonia Axis
Founder, Holistic Axis
Sonia‘s professional bio / interests
I'm a founder of Holistic Axis, a holistic counsellor and life coach focused on Authentic Leadership development Author of Holistic Therapy & Coaching and Meet Your Voice Holistic Voice Development Method. My skillset has developed through 10 different professions within last 20 years of professional development and personal discovery. My expertise: mindset coaching, anxiety, overthinking, stress management, authentic leadership development, burnout, self esteem & confidence, effective communication, breath work, voice and awareness coaching, addictions, grief, change of life circumstances, depression and rebuilding life anew. Holistic Axis offers a blend of traditional and innovative tools that provide direct support and firm structure. It's more than a business. It’s my life’s work. At Holistic Axis we offer effective wellbeing management solutions for organisations interested bettering their performance results through innovative solutions. We work with leaders, directors, managers and teams in a holistic, integrative and multidisciplinary way - like an accountant or lawyer but in the wellbeing field. Our clients want: - a better version of themselves - authentic relationships - less sick leaves/burnout visit: “I just think that anyone who chooses Sonia should be almost privileged to get her help, as it is worth more than money. She's a true genuine, loving, caring person who wants to help people.” Jacqui
I’d like help with…
expanding my business into the next format
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I started meditating when I was 12 years old.
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A career highlight
creating effective mind management method creating authentic leadership development method creating Meet Your Voice Holistic voice development method creating Circle Axis method
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01 April, 2023