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Robert Sandru
Robert Sandru
Full Stack Developer, Freelancer
Robert‘s professional bio / interests
Software Developer with solid experience in building solutions for the web and mobile platforms. I’ve been involved in multiple fields of software engineering, from building simple websites to complex healthcare, smart audio and e-commerce solutions. Working in different areas of development (microservices & devops, frontend, mobile) teached me to collaborate easier with cross-technical teams, understand requirements faster and provide better solutions. I started my development journey in 2012 by creating presentation websites for customers all around the globe using the Elance freelancing platform. I managed to onboard a long term CRM project from scratch, covering backend, frontend, persistent template builders via drag & drop that clients could use to build small websites dynamically, email campaigns functionality etc. It was a difficult journey, given the fact that I had to combine work deadlines with high-school exams.. In 2015 I discovered native iOS development and since then, my experience started to cover even the mobile platforms, but I simply couldn’t just leave the web. Combined them. Jack of all trades, master of none? Could be, but I didn’t notice any problems at work; I invest a lot of time building software in my spare time, focusing on small stuff. Looking back, I consider myself lucky for being able to work with such great people, fantastic healthcare and smart audio apps, gorgeous e-commerce platforms and tons of small projects (even if they don’t work or are just forgotten somewhere in a Git repository 😆).
I’d like help with…
I can help people learn iOS development and web (.NET/Next.js + Azure)
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I’m a simple man, nothing interesting about me
I live in
A career highlight
I saved Christmas by fixing a bug at my current company. There was a fatal crash preventing our users to order using our app. I found the problem, fixed it and watched the sales chart hitting the moon.
Joined Guild
19 April, 2023