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Helen Forsyth
Helen Forsyth
Sales and Growth Strategist, Freelance Fractional
Helen‘s professional bio / interests
I work with leadership teams to architect, implement and lead sales and marketing roadmaps designed for effective, sustainable, long-term growth from both existing and new customers; as well as breaking into new sectors and/or launching new product ranges. Data driven and analytical when I'm designing strategies. Creative and customer-focused when I'm selling, and focused on growth and personal development when I'm leading the team.
I’d like help with…
Driving performance from your sales and marketing efforts.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I own an axe, for break ice mid-winter so I can swim in it.
I live in
A career highlight
Every minute of it - I love my job. But if I had to pinpoint one, Oct 12th 2000-and-something. I'd allowed £250K worth of annual recurring revenue contracts to end, on purpose. The Board were pretty nervous as a result. In 12 minutes at 2 pm that day, we opened the bidding platform and replaced the lost revenue with £1.3M ARR, tied in for 3 years and delivering a streamlined service which drove down cost of sales in the process. The company I worked for had not understood the value of what they were selling and as a result, were underselling it. I evaluated the market fully, researched the buyer profiles, what they needed and why - and we relaunched the product accordingly, but before we could do that, old contracts were honoured until they ended. When we relaunched the newly launched product, it was in high demand we sold out in 12 minutes. For context, I worked in Print based advertising at the time. Thank you for reading!
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20 April, 2023